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I wrote this 4 years ago, right at the end of 2012 and it still seems so relevant. It was on my old blog, so thought it only appropriate to bring it over to this one. Enjoy.

Another year.

Another 365 days. Gone.

Gone again in the blink of an eye and a flick of the hair.

Just another breath.

Pulled in, drawn out

And then over, just like the rest.

Just another countless mound of soon-to-be-forgotten memories;

Just another photo album waiting to be closed and left on the shelf to collect dust.

Just another juxtaposition of time;

Just another slice out of the pie of time that they call forever.

Just another walk in the park, swim in the ocean, pit stop in hell.

Just another flight through the sky,

Just another cry,

Just one more moment to dwell.


Another Facebook page,

Another topic trending worldwide on Twitter.

Just another year of new life and old life –

Another year of this ‘stuck-in-the-middle’, neither here nor there kind of life.

Another year of new beginnings, imperfect endings and departing souls.

Another year of re-infected wounds and fulfilled goals.

Another year of acceptance;

Another year of creating past futures, moulding future pasts

And blurring the lines of time.

Another person; gone and returned in a different form.

Another moment, another memory, another fleeting glimpse of forever.

Another hug, another kiss, one final embrace and another goodbye.

Broken hearts, broken bones, broken souls –

Just another broken mirror.

Another set of disappearing footprints,

And another new path;

Another walkway to a whole other life.

Just one final goodbye.

Another smile, another tear, another opening of the eyes –

Another fresh look at life.

Another closing, another opening,

Another chance.

It’s just another chance.

– Sabah Ismail 31/12/12

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