A Place Called Pout

by | Jan 17, 2015 | Spirituality, WORDS | 0 comments

Away from it all,

in a place where time never was,


No torment or violence afflicted from the outside world

and therefore, no torment afflicted within;

A place where I didn’t even know my soul yearned to be.


Back to the Earth, back to humanity, back to God:

To His true word; to harmony; balance; contentment.

Not just rituals, empty movements and conditioned minds –

but realness, rawness, deep connections with yourself,

deeper connections with every being, every thing –

and ultimately, the deepest connection back to Him.

On this path and learning these lessons,

I want to be at that place within myself at all times.


I want to be the stillness in the eye of the storm;

I want to be on the middle path, in the middle way

no matter what is around me,

no matter what attempts to afflict me,

no matter what tries to consume me.


I want to live a life of consciousness –

I want to be in Pout, forever.

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