Death Song

by | May 2, 2015 | WORDS | 3 comments

They taught me death was bad,
the worst thing that could possibly ever happen.

But Love taught me death was a stepping stone, a closing of one door and the opening to another.

They taught me I should cry, feel sad, reminisce and not let it go.

But Love taught me to accept that death is not the end, just the very beginning of a whole new flight for the soul.

They taught me to be scared, to fear this unbeknown mystery that lies beyond the veil.

But Love taught me to embrace it fully: to embrace running freely towards the sun; to embrace dancing effervescently amongst the clouds, and to essentially embrace returning to the Source from where we all came with open arms.
The place where there is no end, no sadness, no pain, no separation… The place where all there is, is Love.


– 02.05.2015: 2 years to the day my dear grandmother passed over to the other side. Rest in love and light my angel.

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