Journey Home. 

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Spirituality, WORDS | 0 comments

Some days nothing is more difficult than the battle being fought within yourself. Where your thoughts and ideas are at war with your beliefs and ideologies. Where all of a sudden you find yourself questioning everything you have ever known to reach a place where there is no illusion any more. The struggle is real – along with the emotions.

Sometimes we are so quick to judge others; by the way they act/talk/look/think…etc. Sometimes, it’s just easier to point out another person’s flaws rather than examine our own. Sometimes, it is just easier to carry on as normal, rather than allow ourselves to awaken and face change.

We’re all, every single one of us, on our own unique journey. Mine is to reach a place of true peace within myself.

Let’s respect and support each other, rather than tear down and judge one another.



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