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The seconds hand keeps ticking
Telling me time keeps on going by
But nothing seems real anymore
Not since you said goodbye

I still see you sat in that corner
Checkered blanket over your knees
Always looking so beautiful
Even with a hot water bottle under your feet

My ears prick up to hear your voice
My eyes searching for your face
You left us alone so quietly
Your whispers leaving no trace

Everything is just how you left it
Except that it now lives without your touch
I’m missing every thing about you Mamma
Maybe missing you a little too much

I know this isn’t the end though
Just as there was no limit to your love
I know you’ll always be here with us
Smiling down on us from above

Just know that you were our everything
And in every little thing we do
We’ll still always ask for your blessings
There will never be another you

There’s no word that describes you more perfectly
Than the four letter word of ‘love’
You were made and built of it
And you shared it so so much

I know we’ll have to wait for your cuddles
And those a million kisses goodbye
But even if I have to wait forever
I’ll do it as long as I get mine

Forever in our hearts Mamma
Forever in our eyes
Eternal thoughts of your beauty Mamma
You’ll always be alive

I guess that this has taught me
That true love really never ends
We’ve just been separated for a short while
But inshaAllah we’ll meet again

But for now I know you’re happy
Seeking solace with your Lord
With the family that went before you
Happier than what we ever thought

I love you, I love you, I love you Mamma,
My grandmother, my mother, my friend,
I’ll keep you locked inside my heart
Until the day I know you’ll hold me again.

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