My Heart is in Manchester

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My heart is so heavy today. Waves keep building in my chest and crashing down through my eyes as tears. I can’t seem to focus on work or anything else right now. Although I am physically in Mauritius, my mind is with Manchester and my heart is there too. How could this happen? How could this happen again?

I was nine or ten when the IRA bomb struck Manchester City Centre all those years ago. I remember it, but I didn’t understand why. I just knew that something bad had happened and lots of people had died. Even in 2001, when 9/11 struck, I remember watching the news with my dad and being shocked to my very core as I saw two buildings crumble like dust before my very eyes. The tears flowed even back then but still, I didn’t understand why or the reasons behind such an attack. 

And now today, aged 28, in the aftermath of another attack on my own beloved city, I understand more why things like this and other atrocities all over the world happen, but I can find no reason in the whole entire universe to excuse these senseless, mindless acts of murder and terrorism. There is NO excuse for ANY of the acts of terrorism committed around the globe on a daily basis, whether people are aware of them or not. This I know.

I think this has hit me hard not only because it’s home, but because it has forced me to think about the terror that innocent people all around the world face every single day. I think of the tiny faces in Palestine, the families in Syria.. I think of all the countries and all the people that have no choice other than to live in a war zone every single day, because of us… BECAUSE OF US. And I just.. I just can’t deal with it. Then I think of Manchester, my birth-town, my hometown, and I imagine the sombre feeling in the city centre; the pain of the families who have lost loved ones; the trauma that the survivors will have to live with for the rest of their lives… and I break inside. Honestly. I break.

I have walked those streets, partied at concerts in Manchester Arena, passed by and through there a million times on my way to various jobs in the past and I guess that is what makes this so, so real and raw. But those other poor souls who live in war and terror around the world, they matter too even though I haven’t walked those same streets and despite what our government will have us believe. Their lives are just as important. Their pain is just as real. We have just become so desensitised to hearing about another bomb attack in Syria, that maybe we react to a Facebook post about it, but then we forget and we carry on with our lives. This attack on Manchester, on our city, will be with many of us for a very long time, if not for the rest of our lives, and forces us to think about the other victims of terrorism around the world. It has forced me anyway, to face up even more to the harsh reality of the world that we live in. A world ruled by the elite and by the West, who have no humanity in their hearts and will do whatever it takes to remain at the top – through war, terrorism and dividing those below them. It makes me feel sick. All of this makes me feel so, so sick.

I don’t even want to go further with this post and talk about how this attack came at the time that it did. I don’t want to talk about Theresa May and her bullshit. I don’t want to go into the thousands of Muslims that are having to defend their peaceful religion all around the world, nor the divides that are once again occurring between a people that need to stick together. It physically gives me a headache and it’s just too much.

But before I close off I do want to mention how proud I am for the way the majority of the people of Manchester have come together and displayed true acts of humanity; how they are holding each other up in these terrible, terrible times. If I could scoop Manchester up into my arms and hug it right now, I would do so – so tightly. 

I pray for every single person that lost their life in this despicable, heartbreaking attack to rest in peace. I pray for strength and ease for their loved ones. I pray for every single life taken in the name of war and terror around the world, and for those that have to live in it every day. 

And most of all, I pray for peace – peace for us all. 

Every single one of us matters and if only every single one of us believed that, then this world would be a much better place to be.


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