New Eyes

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I open my eyes for the very first time. Well, for what feels like the very first time.

I have been asleep for far too long. Look at what I’ve been missing.

I am dressed simply, in a plain white sheet draped across me and around me, covering and protecting my purity.

I pull myself up to a sitting position from my home in the ground, the soil moist and soft between my fingers. I am feeling once again, I am feeling for the very first time.

The soft wind caresses my body, gently stroking my face; I breathe again, I breathe deeply for the very first time.

Standing up, I notice every movement, every joint of my body demonstrating the command of my will.

As I stand, it feels as if the wind rushes to greet me, enveloping me in a sweet, sweet cocoon which breaks open as quickly as it came.

I take my first step into this whole new world that lies before me, the sunlight filling my wide, unblinking eyes.

I snap and snap away, taking mental pictures to preserve this moment forever, although I know it is something I would never forget anyway.

The flowers with their bright, vibrant colours contrast splendidly against the dark bark of the sky-scraping trees.

The birds tweet me their song; a song I carry in my heart always.

The world is beautiful, if only I’d have found new eyes earlier.

I blink finally as I step out into a place of endless possibilities.

I know I’ll never see in the same way again.


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