Here you will find posts about my life and personal experiences across the spectrum, with a large focus on my spirituality and my journey to consciousness and inner peace.


Here, I write on issues that affect us around the world focussing on solutions and raising global consciousness. I also explore social and cultural issues of interest to me, which I believe need to be spoken about openly in order for change to come. 


I believe life is an ever-changing journey of growth and self-betterment. Here you will find posts and reviews on things I love or have really enjoyed, posts on and interviews with people that inspire me to become better, as well as things I have come across that have opened my eyes even further or encouraged me to ask questions.


As well as being a passionate writer and journalist, I am also a passionate artist. It is one of the places where I feel the most peace. Expect to find posts here on the stories behind my own artistic creations as well as reviews on the products I use to create my work.


Writing has always been a major release for me. Poetry, prose, short stories and more – here you will find words that I feel flow through me from somewhere beyond me.


My Brand New Look Blog & Finally Learning to Believe in Myself

So, here we are! My first post on my brand new look blog which, let’s be real, has been a bloody long time coming. As far back as I can remember, I have always been an avid writer – particularly writing to express my emotions. Whenever I felt sad or confused or...


We know how powerful hashtags can be in this day and age. Hashtags can inspire and they can create movements. Hashtags can begin conversations and instigate change. And some hashtags can even break us, make us, unite us and then do all of the above and more. Today I...

A WhatsApp Conversation with… a Queer Muslim

Here is the first post in my new series of blogposts called ‘A Whatsapp Conversation with…’ – a collection of Whatsapp text chats in which I will explore the lives and views of other people from all different walks of life.

What Does the Las Vegas Shooting Tell Us About the World?

Can you even imagine being shot or worse still, being shot to death? Well, in a country that protects the right of the ordinary man to keep and bear arms, it appears that being shot really doesn’t need to be left to the imagination anymore.

Grace Victory: No Filter – My Thoughts

I’m not gonna lie. Now living in Mauritius, one of the things I miss most about England is Amazon Prime and their next day delivery service. That being said, I guess I have to be grateful that I was still able to get a copy of Grace Victory’s No Filter from the UK out to this tiny speck of an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Accepting the Death of my Father

The thought of losing someone you love is probably one of the scariest things you can imagine. It’s the connotations that surround the taboo subject of death I suppose; you just don’t know what it is, what has happened to them and how you are going to survive without them in your life. You don’t know… until it happens to you.

A Mother-to-Daughter Responsibility

I cradle my baby girl in my arms. An old soul new to this world. I look at her in wonder and amazement, her beautiful little face in a place so far away – blissful. And then I think of the responsibility that lies upon my shoulders.

Speaking to the Sky

Everything is so busy. I stopped for a moment. Breathed in the mystical air of day meeting night, and looked up to the sky – ever changing in those moments, a myriad of watercolour; strokes being brushed, swaying this way and that, before my very eyes.

Is Social Media Making Us Crazy?

What lengths would you go to, to up your social media game? Maybe climb a tree to get the perfect shot? Stand on a chair in a posh restaurant to make sure you can get all the overpriced dishes in the square box?

A Month of Atrocity & Tragedy

I’m not going to lie – this past month has not been the easiest. It seems as the days go on, the world is being thrown even deeper and deeper into turmoil and chaos. Seeing the news everyday, my heart breaks as I sit here helplessly, watching the human race destroy the planet and destroy each other with no regard.


A Month of Atrocity & Tragedy

I’m not going to lie – this past month has not been the easiest. It seems as the days go on, the world is being thrown even deeper and deeper into turmoil and chaos. Seeing the news everyday, my heart breaks as I sit here helplessly, watching the human race destroy the planet and destroy each other with no regard.

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The Reality of Motherhood

Motherhood pounced on me after an unplanned pregnancy back in 2013, when we welcomed our wonderful baby boy into the world quite calmly just three weeks before my 25th birthday.

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Mashal Khan, Silenced Forever

It really makes you question what kind of a world we live in when you come across a video circulating on social media of a broken, battered, bloodied body being forcefully kicked and beaten to a pulp despite it’s soul clearly already having left it.

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My Heart is in Manchester

My heart is so heavy today. Waves keep building in my chest and crashing down through my eyes as tears. I can't seem to focus on work or anything else right now. Although I am physically in Mauritius, my mind is with Manchester and my heart is there too. How could...

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An 18-Hour Coach Trip

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. But similarly, a harsh word or an insult can go even further, maybe even haunting someone until their last day. I'm currently watching Thirteen Reasons Why: a Netflix drama about a 17 year-old girl who committed suicide. And...

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Assalaamualaikum, Syria.

Assalaamualaikum Syria. I don't know what to say. How are you... maybe? It seems so feeble, my attempt to show you I care. I've heard you haven't been well; worse than not well in fact - I heard it's been like hell. You're caught like a pawn in a game of death... in a...

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Be Careful What You Pray For…

They say be careful what you wish for. I say, be careful what you pray for. I am learning every single day the enormity of the love that God has for me. But when I tell you it is through struggle and fear and gut wrenching inner turmoil that His love presents itself,...

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Time Flies

I think it hit me the other day when I was speaking to my elder sister on Facetime and she handed the phone to my eldest nephew, her son. In the 6 months that I’ve been in Mauritius and haven’t seen my family in person, he has grown. Not just grown, but...

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Five-Minute Freedom

I love spending time alone. I always have; ever since being a small curly-haired little girl drawing pictures of her daddy in coloured crayons to today, being a 28-year-old woman (hair more of a frizzy, humidified mess) who desperately yearns for just a few stolen...

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Three-Day Depression

Just a few days ago I was feeling crap. Like really, totally, utterly crap – a way I hadn’t felt in quite a long time. Times like this are quite rare for me now, especially since my life took a whole new turn and I found God and the path I had yearned for, maybe even...

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The Honour of Being a Mother

Bringing life into this world is an experience that I can barely even put into words. Even now, when I think of the two times I have been blessed enough to grow life inside me and allow it to pass through me into this life, I cannot help but allow the emotions to...

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Hi, I’m Sabah – a twenty-something British Asian writer, artist and journalist, who believes deeply in the saying

“be the change you wish to see in the world”.

This conscious blog is my personal little corner of the Internet in which I share my journey of self-discovery, spirituality and consciousness through exploring the universe that lies both outside and within us all.

I write about my own life and experiences, social problems and global issues as well as things that make life more beautiful for me – such as art, music and so much more.

So basically, this is me and my varied blog – striving every single day to become the change that I wish to see to help make our world a brighter, happier and safer place for us all. Join me?


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