Here you will find posts about my life and personal experiences across the spectrum, with a large focus on my spirituality and my journey to consciousness and inner peace.


Here, I write on issues that affect us around the world focussing on solutions and raising global consciousness. I also explore social and cultural issues of interest to me, which I believe need to be spoken about openly in order for change to come.


I believe life is an ever-changing journey of growth and self-betterment. Here you will find posts and reviews on things I love or have really enjoyed, posts on and interviews with people that inspire me to become better, as well as things I have come across that have opened my eyes even further or encouraged me to ask questions.


As well as being a passionate writer and journalist, I am also a passionate artist. It is one of the places where I feel the most peace. Expect to find posts here on the stories behind my own artistic creations as well as reviews on the products I use to create my work.


Writing has always been a major release for me. Poetry, prose, short stories and more – here you will find words that I feel flow through me from somewhere beyond me.


But Do I Really Love Myself?

    It’s been a really heavy few days. Which is the greatest paradox, because the last week has really been incredible for me career and work-wise. Yet, I don’t know whether it’s the crazy shit that’s going on with the planets at the moment, Mercury still...

To the Person Feeling Lost this Ramadan

    It was the summer of 2010, and Ramadan had just arrived. After the shenanigans of my brother’s wedding and everything that comes with that just a couple of weeks prior to the holy month, we now had a new sister-in-law in the house and that first suhoor...

Back Pain, ChristChurch & Making Sense of it All

    “Morning! How are you?” I asked, my voice groggy with sleep and pain. “Urm, I’m good, just so saddened and shocked to hear the news from New Zealand, this morning…” “I haven’t seen the news yet,” I cut in, trying to speak quickly through the pain eating...

What Do You Do When Your Best Friend Breaks Your Heart? | Part Two

    Let's continue... If you haven't read Part One of this story yet, you can do so here. The Holiday In early May 2011, a few weeks before my Uncle passed on, my old best friend and I had booked our first holiday away together, flying early June. To say...

What Do You Do When Your Best Friend Breaks Your Heart? | Part One

      They don’t write songs about this kind of stuff – I don’t think they really write much about this kind of stuff, to be honest. But it happens; and the pain that is left behind is so open, so exposing, so raw and so real that you’d think people...

What Even is Success?

    Turning 30 & A Midi-Life Crisis So it’s official - I am now in the dirty thirties! I’m not gonna lie to you, I did kind of make the build up to the big day slightly more dramatic in my head than turning 30 actually was, but since turning 30 is the...

Gut Punches & Keeping Faith

I read the words in the business email I’d received earlier that morning, and although I knew it was coming, it still felt like someone had taken a giant, iron fist and punched me right in the gut. This has happened before and I’ve definitely been there...

In the In-Between

Yeah, so, I haven’t posted anything on the blog for a long, long while. If I were to use excuses, I’d say that it’s because of this trip home to England and not having the time or space to put new posts together regularly. And although that is partially...

A Whatsapp Convo with… A Muslim Woman in an Inter-Religious Marriage

    As a child and even well into my adolescence, I was taught to believe that a Muslim woman marrying outside of her religion was the worst thing she could do. Deep inside, even from a young age, I questioned such ideologies however, and never...

Put It Into Words.

I was born to write. Ever since I was a little girl, with a big gap-toothed smile and crazy, curly hair, walking around like a miniature female version of my dad, words have always been my friends. Books became my whole world, losing myself in them as I escaped the...

─  WELCOME TO MY world  ─

The Windrush Scandal is No Accident

As a child of a working-class immigrant family who arrived in the UK from Pakistan in the 1970’s, up until the point that I moved to Mauritius I never felt that I didn’t belong. Although I do remember hearing racist terms and jokes being thrown around the playground...

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In Conversation With… Mademoiselle Nomad

I love coming across inspiring people living conscious, mindful lives which is why upon crossing paths with Béa Chan who runs the slow-travel and slow-living blog Mademoiselle Nomad, I knew I had to meet her for an interview. After quickly establishing a friendship in...

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Stephon Clark: When Will Black Lives Matter?

  How many times do we have to scream that black lives matter before the world begins to listen? It is way too often that I see the news of another black man having been shot dead at the hands of white police officers in America and quite frankly, I am sick of...

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My Hypnobirthing Experience

I’ve been planning to write about my hypnobirthing experience for a while now (my daughter is now 15 months old after all!) but it just hasn’t happened – sorry about that! A couple of weeks ago, I read the Unmumsy Mum’s account of her hypnobirthing experience with...

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“Be who you truly are” | Art & Words

It sounds so simple doesn't it? "Be who you truly are". But being who you truly are - although the answer to life's most persistently asked questions - is quite possibly one of the most difficult things to do. It means unlearning and unconditioning yourself from every...

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5 Women Who Changed Our World for the Better

Women really are fascinating creatures aren’t they? I guess I’ve only realised this and the true strength and power of women since growing up and becoming one. We are soft enough to be nurturing mothers, yet strong enough to move mountains; we are empathetic enough to...

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Return to Love.

So I'm standing here staring at this waterfall. The water gushes down, a cloud-like continuous foam. It is roaring; it's thirst has been quenched from the recent rain fall and it wants the world to know. It's sounds mixed with the wind rustling...

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Hi, I’m Sabah – a 30-year-old British Asian writer, artist and journalist, who believes deeply in the saying

“be the change you wish to see in the world”.

This conscious blog is my personal little corner of the Internet in which I share my journey of self-discovery, spirituality and consciousness through exploring the universe that lies both outside and within us all.

I write about my own life and experiences, social problems and global issues as well as things that make life more beautiful for me – such as art, music and so much more.

So basically, this is me and my varied blog – striving every single day to become the change that I wish to see to help make our world a brighter, happier and safer place for us all. Join me?


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