Here you will find posts about my life and personal experiences across the spectrum, with a large focus on my spirituality and my journey to consciousness and inner peace.


Here, I write on issues that affect us around the world focussing on solutions and raising global consciousness. I also explore social and cultural issues of interest to me, which I believe need to be spoken about openly in order for change to come.


I believe life is an ever-changing journey of growth and self-betterment. Here you will find posts and reviews on things I love or have really enjoyed, posts on and interviews with people that inspire me to become better, as well as things I have come across that have opened my eyes even further or encouraged me to ask questions.


As well as being a passionate writer and journalist, I am also a passionate artist. It is one of the places where I feel the most peace. Expect to find posts here on the stories behind my own artistic creations as well as reviews on the products I use to create my work.


Writing has always been a major release for me. Poetry, prose, short stories and more – here you will find words that I feel flow through me from somewhere beyond me.


What Do You Do When Your Best Friend Breaks Your Heart? | Part Two

    Let's continue... If you haven't read Part One of this story yet, you can do so here. The Holiday In early May 2011, a few weeks before my Uncle passed on, my old best friend and I had booked our first holiday away together, flying early June. To say that we were...

What Do You Do When Your Best Friend Breaks Your Heart? | Part One

      They don’t write songs about this kind of stuff – I don’t think they really write much about this kind of stuff, to be honest. But it happens; and the pain that is left behind is so open, so exposing, so raw and so real that you’d think people would speak about...

What Even is Success?

    Turning 30 & A Midi-Life Crisis So it’s official - I am now in the dirty thirties! I’m not gonna lie to you, I did kind of make the build up to the big day slightly more dramatic in my head than turning 30 actually was, but since turning 30 is the next big...

Gut Punches & Keeping Faith

I read the words in the business email I’d received earlier that morning, and although I knew it was coming, it still felt like someone had taken a giant, iron fist and punched me right in the gut. This has happened before and I’ve definitely been there...

In the In-Between

Yeah, so, I haven’t posted anything on the blog for a long, long while. If I were to use excuses, I’d say that it’s because of this trip home to England and not having the time or space to put new posts together regularly. And although that is partially...

A Whatsapp Convo with… A Muslim Woman in an Inter-Religious Marriage

    As a child and even well into my adolescence, I was taught to believe that a Muslim woman marrying outside of her religion was the worst thing she could do. Deep inside, even from a young age, I questioned such ideologies however, and never really...

Put It Into Words.

I was born to write. Ever since I was a little girl, with a big gap-toothed smile and crazy, curly hair, walking around like a miniature female version of my dad, words have always been my friends. Books became my whole world, losing myself in them as I escaped the...

Not Just the ‘Mehndi-Waali’

There is a problem in South Asian communities – even among South Asians born and brought up in western 21st century Britain. That problem is one of superiority and one that as a professional henna artist I have experienced first hand one too many times.   Back in...

In Conversation with… Shelina Permalloo: BBC Masterchef Winner 2012

  When I first started writing for the newspaper here in Mauritius back in 2015, I sat down with le husband and compiled a list of inspiring Mauritian humans that I would like to interview. Shelina Permalloo, the 2012 BBC Masterchef winner, was on that list and so the...

Grenfell: One Year On

Every time I think about what happened on that awful night one year ago in one of the richest cities in the world, my stomach turns and my heart skips a beat. I am well aware that truly horrible things happen all around the world on a daily basis, but there is...


My Struggle of Being a Mother & a Creative

I’m not one to shy away from the fact that becoming a mother is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever had to do – and I think the challenges of motherhood are magnified even more so for me because of how creative I am as a person. I love to create – I...

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Rosa Parks: Sitting Down to Make a Stand

  Moving away from social-media-displays-of-affection and pink and red love hearts every which way you look, February is also Black History Month: 28 days devoted to remembering and celebrating the struggles and achievements of black people throughout history, in...

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The Magic of Gris-Gris.

  They call you wild – and when I first laid my eyes upon you, I was awestruck. Your energy was something else altogether. I imagined falling free off the edge of your cliff and into the thrashing water below; imagining how I would become entangled in your waves;...

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Real Justice for Zainab Ansari

Recently there was major uproar across Pakistan and of course globally across social media, regarding the sexual abuse and murder of a beautiful 7-year-old little girl residing in the Kasur area of Punjab, in Pakistan. This little girl went by the name of Zainab...

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Some Days I Just Miss Home.

Some days it’s just like this. Some days I just wake up missing home. Missing Manchester. Missing England. Wishing I could be there, have a home there. But it’s just not as easy as that. I made a choice and I’m here. But I miss my city. I miss my country....

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The Cyclone is Coming.

I can hear the raindrops – sometimes calm, sometimes quiet, and then suddenly loud and strong as if to remind you to not forget that she’s on her way. The candles are ready, lined up on the sideboard as if they know an important job is awaiting them – just like the...

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10 Tips for Having a Happy & Productive Year

I’m not really into that whole “new year, new me” stuff that everyone likes to post about as the new year approaches, as I don’t think you need a specific time or date to make a change in your life. But I do love the positivity and hope that everyone cultivates around...

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‘Winter Sun’ Mandala Stone

Some of the beaches here in Mauritius are strewn with these gorgeous, smooth, round stones making them ideal to be painted or decorated – although finding the perfect beach and the perfect stone isn’t really the easiest task in the world, I’m not gonna lie. I created...

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Naomi Oni’s Acid Attack Story – My Thoughts

A beautiful, young Naomi Oni’s whole life was turned upside down when she became the victim of an acid attack, aged just 20, on 29th December 2012 as she was completing her journey home after work. I’ve just finished watching the BBC Three documentary produced by RAW,...

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It seems like it was just yesterday that we were welcoming in the brand new year of 2017, and look! Here we are already at the beginning of 2018 and it’s like ‘woah’, where is time actually going? To be honest, I didn’t enter 2017 in the best place within myself. I...

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29 Things I’ve Learnt in 29 Years

It’s almost half past midnight and I’ve just entered my 29th birthday and begun my 30th year of life in human form. Oh my GOD – I’m in the final year of my twenties… how did that even happen?!? Anyway, I’ve been thinking deeply – particularly over the last few nights...

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Hi, I’m Sabah – a 30-year-old British Asian writer, artist and journalist, who believes deeply in the saying

“be the change you wish to see in the world”.

This conscious blog is my personal little corner of the Internet in which I share my journey of self-discovery, spirituality and consciousness through exploring the universe that lies both outside and within us all.

I write about my own life and experiences, social problems and global issues as well as things that make life more beautiful for me – such as art, music and so much more.

So basically, this is me and my varied blog – striving every single day to become the change that I wish to see to help make our world a brighter, happier and safer place for us all. Join me?


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