Road to Light

by | Jan 17, 2015 | Spirituality, WORDS | 0 comments

The road to light is not easy,

and no-one ever claimed that it was.

You take your first step after awakening and you know what it is that you want,

so you begin walking.

And you walk and walk a few hundred miles

and you realise that nothing has changed –

it is then that suddenly all these things come out at you,

not even out at you, but out of you

and you realise… you become aware.

You’re suddenly so sensitive to your feelings and to your emotions –

there are so many things about yourself that you suddenly realise you don’t like;

so many things that you suddenly realise are blocking the light from reaching you.

So you begin to work –

every day, every minute, every moment becomes work.

A beautiful struggle

A peaceful turmoil within yourself…

Toiling, ever toiling, towards your Lord.

“Verily you are ever toiling on towards your Lord – painfully toiling – and you shall meet Him.” [Qur’an 84:6].

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