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Candlelight flickers casting shadows on the wall behind me.

Who am I?

It flickers again.

Where am I?

It flickers dangerously, as if daring me for it to blow out, cascading me into velvet blackness once more.

“Go on, go…”  I whisper, “You leave me too.”

As if on cue, it blows out completely, leaving me alone in an enveloping darkness that closes in around me, squeezing me from every direction.

It’s hands clamp around my throat; I can’t see, I can’t breathe.

I cry out, nobody comes.

I cry louder, nobody hears me.

I cry, I scream, I shout.

I have been bound by the shackles of society for far too long, but where is that same society now when I need them?

Nobody is here. Nobody is here, but me.

I am alone.

“ENOUGH!” I scream out, my own voice a stranger. I burst up, through my door, down the stairs, out of the front door, and I’m walking fast, head down. My walk turns into a run, my head bends towards the sky.

I’m running toward the edge of a cliff, still looking up, still questioning, still crying.

I fall to my knees, hitting the hard ground I feel one of my knees split open, warm blood seeping through the denim of my jeans.

I’m over the edge, and I’m falling.

I don’t know where this will end.

“I surrender!” I scream, my voice echoing around the valley.

I’m falling free and fast.

“I SURRENDERRRRRRRRRRRR!” This voice bursts from me; from the deepest part of my chest, the inner part of my soul.

My heart beats fast, I know the end is coming, any moment now. I wait for the collision, I wait for the pain, I wait for the end.

But the end doesn’t come.

I open my eyes only to realise I’m not falling, I’m flying.

I surrendered myself to the end, only for the end to be the beginning.

He is with me. I’m alive again.

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