Swami Baracus’ November 2012 Release, ‘Hyper’

Not gonna lie… Swami Baracus has got me a on a ‘hype mode and ‘ting’’ with one of his latest releases ‘Hyper’, a track that is fierce in every sense of the word, making you want to jump up out your seat and let loose in the proper sense of the word; literally arms flailing, head banging, fist pumping and feet jumping in all directions – and when a piece of music does that, you know you’ve got a hit on your hands!

‘Hyper’ was released back in November 2012 but because of different issues, I’ve only just managed to publish this review now.  Having debuted at the T in the Park Festival on the BBC Introducing stage in Scotland in July 2012, I wasn’t surprised to hear that it received “an immensely enthusiastic reaction from the spirited crowd” as it’s definitely the kind of festival track that would get even the most rigid of festival goers bopping at least one part of their body to its ballistically berserk beat.

'Hyper' Cover Artwork

So what is it about Hyper that is so appealing to me?

Well, I see it like this. Imagine a dangerous terrain full of poisonous creatures ready to snap or pounce at any opportunity as you contemplate your way through the wild growth surrounding you. Now imagine alongside you a large number of people contemplating the same, unsure, like you, of whether they even dare to delve in. Finally, picture this: from the darkness emerges a man; stealthy, strong and probably wearing some funky hoody or hat or something, who doesn’t allow even a glimmer of fear to cross his face. He does what no-one has dared do before, and strides calmly yet powerfully through the dangerous terrain, brandishing his sword as he does as all the dangers of the terrain cower away in his presence. He is a true picture of power, shocking everyone as he makes it safely across to the other side.

Now, replace that dangerous terrain with the nothing short of lethal beat produced by renowned producer Kami K. The Streets of Bollywood producer presents a phenomenal dirty, grungy, grimey Drum ‘n’ Bass vibe here, smashed up with an elegant Eastern touch made up of the Indian flute alongside haunting female vocals, as well as a stronger male accompaniment on chorus. With a slight touch of dubstep thrown in too, the beat he has produced here is SICK and is definitely unlike anything else I’ve heard recently.

Replace the nameless stranger daring to cross the terrain with the only person it could be, Swami Baracus, and you’ll understand exactly what I mean when I say it is he who becomes the one to be feared on this track. Replacing sword with mic, SB’s lyrical prowess, powerful vibes and absolutely mental rapping flow make ‘Hyper’ live up to its name as he delves into the beat like a tiger to meat, tearing it up and making it a track that is simply fantastic to the person that loves true Hiphop vibes with an added something different.

The video is simple yet the perfect accompaniment to the track, and with cameos from a number of other Urban-Desi rappers I can’t help but wonder if SB is thinking of a Hyper All-star remix as he did with ‘Break This Game’? Now, that is something that would be extraordinary!

All on all, ‘Hyper’,  although maybe not to everyone’s tastes and at times a bit difficult to keep up with SB’s crazy flow, is a ridiculously incredible piece of rap music displaying the raw talent for which we know, love and commend the Baracuda. From beginning to end, SB goes in hard and the passion and determination that flows from him in ‘Hyper’ is overly contagious. I guarantee after just a few seconds in, just like I was, you’ll be hyping to ‘Hyper’ too!

Written by Sabah Ismail

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