She Lives.

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She lives
The curly-haired little girl
So happy, so care-free

An innocent soul
Wandering, observing
Excited by all things

A free spirit
Overjoyed to sing, to shout,
To dance in the streets not caring if anyone’s watching

A joyous being
Smiling in this moment
In every moment, right here and right now

// everything changed //

She grew up
Her innocence taken
Her life changed forever

Pain and tears
Broken hearts
Broken by friends

A smile removed
Tarnished from the pain of life
Test after test after test

A tired heart
Eyes so weary
A soul exhausted from the struggle

//everything changed//

Acceptance and forgiveness
A new path
Small steps towards moving on

A light switched on
Wounds became scars
She smiled again

At home anywhere
No friends, no enemies
All equals in her eyes

A whole new world
In a world so beautiful
The little girl lives on


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