The Things I See

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I wish you knew the things I see when I look at you.

I see strength and power and beauty.

I see a person – not a girl anymore but still, not yet a woman.

I see your infinite potential; the power in you to become everything you want to be.

I see a soldier; one of of God’s own warriors, getting through each day wonderfully.

I see past pain, and hurt and regrets; and in that I see the promise of a better tomorrow.

I see the light that shines within you, although maybe you still haven’t discovered that light for yourself. But it is there and it shines so brightly – it’s beautiful.

I see hope and love and a yearning for something more; something so much more than this.

I see someone who can do this thing called life; and with a little belief, you can do this thing called life and do it your way.

I see in you the power to take this world by storm; but I also want you to remember to be in it but not of it. Let go and let the journey be amazing.

I see so much in you and I am so proud of you.

Do you really not see the things I see when I look at you?

I see nothing, everything and so much more…

One day, you’ll see; and one day you will believe the things I see when I look at you.


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