Time Flies

Mar 2, 2017 | LIFE | 0 comments

I think it hit me the other day when I was speaking to my elder sister on Facetime and she handed the phone to my eldest nephew, her son. In the 6 months that I’ve been in Mauritius and haven’t seen my family in person, he has grown. Not just grown, but grown up. As I spoke to him, I couldn’t believe this was the same gorgeous little ball of a baby I had held all those years ago, now sprouting a moustache and speaking to me in a whole new voice, clearly at the latter end of fully breaking. That same little baby will be sitting his GCSE’s this year, leaving highschool and going on to college, as he told me. Whaaaat? A few days previously to that, I was speaking to my cousin who I have literally spent my whole life with (born just 3 months apart and more like sisters tbh), when she handed the phone to her younger brother, one of a set of twins who went on to tell me he would be graduating from university in the summer. SAY WHAT. She took the phone back and I just looked at her, wide mouthed and a little shocked. It feels like only yesterday that I was at college and university myself and I remember vividly being at the hospital when the twins were born, as my younger sister was born just a couple of days before them. I really hadn’t realised that time was passing by so quickly as it was passing by and seeing how grown up these two boys who I remember clearly as babies had become, was a jolt to the system. Just when did everyone grow up? My mind wanders back to my childhood and to my teenage years, when I used to look at my elder sister and my older cousins and think “wow, they’re proper adults”. But now I’m the same age or even older than they were when I used to think that, and I do not feel like an adult, although I have to do many things that ‘adults’ do. It’s just so crazy how quickly time is passing by. Thankfully there are a lot of things I loved about growing up, the main thing being that I was always surrounded by family: grandparents, parents, uncles, aunties, my siblings and lots and lots of cousins, for birthdays, Eid, Christmas and even just weekends and evenings – we were all always together and they were really beautiful times. Now I think how different all of our lives have become and how those times have gone, all of us physically separate, many with families of their own, others studying, one travelling, some of us living in different parts of the world. Bloody hell, I now have a husband… I now have two children of my own! When did that even happen?!? It’s mad. I guess what’s important here is definitely living in the NOW. Time has come and gone and is coming and going, but that’s just a concept that we have created. In the grand scheme of things there is no such thing as time – the time is always now. Looking back is good but looking back and accepting that those times have been and gone, and being grateful for them, is even better. It is so important not to dwell, not to ache for those times to reappear or to wish to go back in time. We had amazing times growing up, but that’s not to say that life is not amazing right now too. Everything has its time and for me, being 21, wild and free with purple hair is a time that has gone by and isn’t coming back (although the purple hair just might). Each and every one of us is exactly where we are supposed to be in life – in this very moment in ‘time’, right here, right now.

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