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Gliding past, I float through turbulence

My head is bowed to the skies

Wind rushes past me

Sweet, soft, comforting

Lights flash all around me

Red, yellow, green

Green, yellow, red

I see faces, hundreds of faces

Eyes tell me stories; scars convey their pain

Yet, too afraid to make eye contact they look away

I continue through

The sounds, the silence –

All tranquil, bustling music to my ears

I see fragile beauty everywhere

“Look from afar,” they say.

“Don’t get too close… You’ll break.

The green pastures become a blur;

and everything becomes one

The sky mingles with the Earth

The suns rays become one with me

I long to reach You.

The lights float past me

Brighter, quicker, they come and go

The wind is stronger now

Pushing me to let go all that binds me

The faces appear more distinct;

more lines, more wrinkles, more experience

Even more beauty grapples me through darkness

My fingertips brush by

Your grace surrounds me

Your call summons me

I continue; on and on

Nothing but a traveller

on my journey of reaching You.


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