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You don’t have to look like everyone else. You don’t have to sound like everyone else. You don’t have to buy what everyone else is buying or go where everyone else is going for the perfect shot for the ‘gram.

You don’t have to think like everyone else. You don’t have to talk like everyone else. Your success doesn’t have to be what everyone else’s idea of success is.

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing or wear what everyone else is wearing. You don’t have to listen to what everyone else is listening to; you don’t have to write what everyone else is writing.

You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do and you don’t have to try to be anyone but yourself.

All you have to do is discover your different… discover your ‘different’ and LOVE it. Embrace it. Be it. Live it. Boldly. Fully. Fearlessly.

Your beauty lies in what makes you different. So be different. Be true. Be beautiful. Be YOU. ✨💛

This drawing was created partly on the beach, partly in my sitting room with the sun streaming through the curtains and partly while sat sipping on a latte in one of my favourite cafes here in Mauritius, Vanilla Village.

I used Faber Castell PITT artist pens for the outline, in nib size ‘S’ which is probably my favourite nib size for creating my little henna-inspired doodles. These PITT pens are just so wonderful to use, especially when you open a new pack and start a new drawing with a brand new pen. Bliss! I then added some colourful accents using Stabilo fineliners which I absolutely love because the colours are just so crisp and vibrant. Plus, the delicate 0.4mm nibs allow for detailed drawings while the ink flow allows you to colour in with them quite well too, which is always a bonus. Finally, I added some small touches of gold using my Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic gold pen which definitely adds that special little something something.

I hope you like this quick doodle and the words that I wrote to accompany it.💛

Check out my framed mandala art prints and more of my art on my Etsy store, here.

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