A Mother-to-Daughter Responsibility.

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I cradle my baby girl in my arms. An old soul new to this world. I look at her in wonder and amazement, her beautiful little face in a place so far away – blissful. And then I think of the responsibility that lies upon my shoulders. To have a daughter in a world that constantly tells a woman that she is not enough, is one of the biggest challenges I think I face.

I want her to know as she grows up, every single step of the way, that she is perfect just the way that she is. I want her to know how sacred she is, how sacred a woman is: the vessel that brings a transitioning soul from another world into this one. I want her to know because of this but not only this, that her body is a temple and no person has the right to tell her how it should look to be so – that she is perfectly beautiful just the way that she is. I want her to know that she is powerful, that her mind is magic gifted to her from beyond – for her to know that anything she sets her mind on, is possible and within her reach. I want her to know that a man and a woman are equal; maybe different, but always equal. I want her to know that she needn’t take any crap from anyone – not her family, not her friends, not any man that comes into her life, and that she has the right to remove any toxicity, no questions asked. I want her to know that she is allowed to show any emotion that she feels and she is not weak because of this, in fact allowing herself to feel the things she feels will only make her stronger. I want her to know that sometimes life hurts, sometimes it will beat her black and blue, but that with suffering comes ease, lessons learned and strength. I want her to know all of the things it took me over 28 years to realise, the things no one told me as I painfully grew from a girl to a woman. But I also know that many of these things she must and can only learn fully for herself and it won’t be an easy journey, no. 

But I guess that’s why I am with her and that is why I am her mother. To hold her hand along the dusty road of life and when things get tough, to hold her tight and tell her that everything is going to be okay. Everything is always going to be okay. That is my responsibility  – I just pray I am able to fulfil it.

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