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It sounds so simple doesn’t it? “Be who you truly are”. But being who you truly are – although the answer to life’s most persistently asked questions – is quite possibly one of the most difficult things to do.

It means unlearning and unconditioning yourself from every noise that disturbed your stillness inside, from the moment you were born. It means losing the notions that make up your ‘identity’, whatever it is you believe it to be. Your name; your age; your outer beauty; your social standing; your wealth; your health; your familial roles; your heritage; your culture… your religion even. It means shedding everything that is distracting you from what you are within.

It means referring always to the grandest vision of yourself and always following it through, despite how difficult that may be. It means tuning in to that inner voice that lives inside of us all – you know the one that immediately tells you if something doesn’t feel right or the voice that tells you you are exactly where you are meant to be – and trusting it completely. That is your own inner link to God.

Be who you truly are – beyond the limitations that this world has placed upon you. Remember what you knew before you came here and return to that stillness. BE who you TRULY are and believe me, you will fly.✨

About this piece

This drawing was created one afternoon where I suddenly felt the need to get up and draw a simple pen drawing, without any set idea in mind. I recently picked up some new ArtLine drawing pens so I got to work with the 0.2 nib pen as I love the intricacy that can be achieved. I sat and allowed whatever needed to flow through me to flow, and then at the end I found myself writing the words “be who you truly are” on to the page too – and this is what I ended up with. I love that the writing in particular looks real and raw because that’s exactly what it is. I just flowed and allowed it to happen.

I later wrote the accompanying words which you’ve already read above and decided to set the two out in the Universe together to do whatever they need to do. I hope you like it!

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