‘In A Time Lapse’ With Ludovico Einaudi

by | Mar 16, 2013 | Music | 2 comments

Here is an album that is not only beautiful, but an album that is beautifully real; no words, no lyrics, just pure emotive feeling that transforms you from person into pen as you become the words flowing onto the page as the music flows out from somewhere deep within you.

Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian composer whom I have only very recently discovered and who makes me question exactly what I have been listening to musically all these years, has composed a nineteen-track work of what will definitely become timeless art in ‘In a Time Lapse’.

So what is a 24-year-old me doing listening to alternative classical music which is stereo-typically associated with the old and the posh, I hear you ask? Well to be honest, since I stumbled upon this album by default when iTunes suggested I should take a listen,  it stirred something deep within me that I can honestly say no other music has before. Maybe this is because I have a very active and vivid imagination, or because I know good music when I hear it. Maybe it’s both or maybe it’s just plainly more than that altogether. But regardless of all these ‘maybes’, what I can say quite matter-of-factly is that for me, listening to ‘In A Time Lapse’ is a new and exciting journey every single time, transporting me from my ordinary world into nineteen separate stories throbbing with life, love and pure emotion. When I listen, I am not just looking in on someone else’s story or someone else’s life; I become their story, I live, breathe and feel it and just for those few minutes, I become them and I become one with the music.

Einaudi’s talent is undoubted throughout the entire album, each track beautifully structured and delicately handled; you can feel and hear the layers and layers of raw musical, compositional skill that have been laid upon and under each other to create individual masterpieces, each as emotion-inducing as the last, if not more. Clever use of both violin and piano in particular, is what makes the album significantly special for me; both instruments draw me in on this album in each track, in a way that they have in no other musical genre before and for this I applaud Einaudi.

The titling of each song is also worthy of being noted, with simple track names such as ‘Bever’, ‘Life’ and ‘Experience’  leaving open a world of endless possibilities. The music allows you to explore and unearth even the deepest parts of yourself while granting you permission to immerse yourself into the world of someone else for a short time. Representing the feelings of love through to lust and loyalty; anger, jealousy and longing through to spiritual enlightenment, peace and acceptance, I feel the album covers emotions that any person from any background will feel at least once in their lifetime. For these reasons and much more, I believe every person should experience ‘In a Time Lapse’ at least once in their lifetime; a collection of musical compositions that transcends barriers, borders, human confines and time. If you are a lover of real, raw music then this is one album that belongs in your musical library in, through and beyond a time lapse, from now until forever.


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