My life has been an interesting one so far and you will find that through reading through my blog, so I won’t go into too much detail here. I guess what you need to know the most is that I am passionate about helping to bring about positive change in this world and am always looking to connect with people and brands that feel the same way.


I come from a background of working in the media – writing for various online publications as well as local print publications, working in music PR, hosting and producing my own radio shows on local radio and national radio, as well as working in TV as a researcher and runner. I set up my artistry business, Beyond Henna in 2012 and it has been running and evolving ever since. In 2015, I became a fully qualified Digital Mum, meaning that I have and do manage social media profiles for different businesses.


Aged 22, I went through a bit of an awakening experience and began to see the world in a whole new light, cutting through the illusion and finally realising that we as a human race are all one. Through the work that I have done ever since, this has been the message that I share with the world in the hope that more and more people will begin that inner journey into themselves, not only to better themselves, but also to better the world that we live in together. Day-by-day, I am building up my online social media community and am happy that I have been able to connect with others that feel the same way.


Currently, I am living as an expat in Mauritius and have my own two features in the biggest English national newspaper here; Meet the Expats and Sabah Says. As well as this, I am a freelance writer, artist and blogger and run a social media management company with my partner. I am always looking to broaden my horizons and take on new experiences, which I welcome with open arms.


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