Oh Daughter! What a Debut…

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Music | 2 comments

You know that feeling when you hear a piece of music and it just, hits? Well that’s exactly what happened when sitting in a car in an underground car park, I came across this next band on BBC Introducing with Zane Lowe.

Daughter, a once solo now three-piece Indie Folk band with really interesting sounding names, comprising of female singer Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella, released their debut album earlier on this month (18th March 2013) via iTunes and after hearing them on BBC Radio 1, I was right on that shit, downloading the album If You Leave as soon as I got home. And I must say, I am quite impressed!

They have the kind of sound that’s not really appealing to everyone, but I’ve liked the whole grimy indie sound for a long while now and the sounds of this album really resonated well with me. It’s a quite a mellow album while being deep and mysterious at the same time, perfect for a night where you just want to sit by the window and watch the rain pour down.


Elena’s voice, although not totally standout in comparison to other female indie singers in the sense that she has the typical indie sound, is soft and grainy sitting beautifully upon the beats of each track in If You Leave. When hearing her on the radio for the first time, I was mistaken into thinking it was Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine, but after a few seconds more listening it became more obvious that this was a different singer altogether. She does incredibly well throughout the album, at times sounding so far away but yet so connected with the listener; she draws you in spectacularly into her own little world, making you a part of it for the short while you are there then sending you gently on your way. You can hear clearly the passion in this young woman’s voice, her earthy, real sound is just wonderful to listen to and I believe she will do very well, even beyond Daughter.

One of the stand-out tracks on the album for me would have to be Youth, a track they had previously released on their The Wild Youth EP back in 2011. Guitarist Remi does a stunning job in this track in particular, and the lyricism is, in my opinion, mind-blowing. “If you’re still breathing you’re the lucky ones, ‘cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs, setting fire to our insides for fun…”. Such simple language and simple words are employed, yet sometimes it is the simplest of things that can have the most profound impact. It is the kind of lyric writing that makes me wish I’d got there and thought of it first; raw, emotive, deep and oh-so real. Youth in general is the kind of track I can see myself still listening to when I am no longer a part of what we define as ‘youth’. Simply captivating!

Throughout the entire album in fact, the lyrical skill is just immense and is what particularly draws me into this new little world created by Daughter. “I’ll wrap up my bones and leave them out of this home”, “two feet standing on a principle” and “dry your smoke-stained eyes so you can see the light” are three lines that shout out to me especially. There is so much meaning that can be uncovered and so much emotion even inside yourself that can be revealed if you truly pay attention to the words sung so hauntingly at times.

I couldn’t choose a favourite track from the album altogether, but I would recommend listening especially to Shallows, Tomorrow and Lifeforms, as well as of course Youth as mentioned previously. If you’re an indie listener then Daughter is certainly a band to add to your listening collection. For those who always shunned listening to indie music or never really thought it your thing, then I would certainly recommend If You Leave by Daughter as a good place to begin.

If You Leave is most certainly a beautiful collection of music by a clearly very talented trio and must be listened by those who claim to love ‘real music’. Having only just arrived, I can see Daughter sticking around for a good while. Go and purchase a copy of the debut album now for a £7.99 that will be more than well spent, and ensure they don’t leave too soon.

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