Penny the Peacock Drawing Using Moonlight Gelly Roll Pens

by | Jan 13, 2018 | My Art | 0 comments

There is something just so magical about creating art on a black background. I guess because it’s so void of colour, that when I’m drawing or painting on black, I feel like I am literally bringing something to life. It’s like the colours pop even more on a black background, truly showing what they have to bring to the world. Does anyone know what I mean or am I just going off on a crazy Sabah tangent again?

Anyway! I woke up a few days into 2018 with the urge to create something in my new square black scrapbook. This black scrapbook is by Derwent and is 40cm by 40cm, the largest size of black paper I’ve worked on so far. In the past, my black sketchbooks have been much smaller so I was really excited to have ALL THIS EXTRA SPACE – woohoo! From my Instagram following, I know that you guys love my vibrant drawings on black, as do I, particularly as at the beginning of last year just after my daughter was born, one of my drawings went crazy viral (well, for me anyway!) and I realised just how much the people love the doodles *American accent yo*!

I took some inspiration from said viral drawing and one of my drawings featuring a peacock from 2015 and got to work. Those who know me and my art know that I never really plan and I just go with the flow, so that’s exactly what I did with this one with those two ideas in the back of my head. Of course, to achieve such vibrant and beautiful results, I used my Sakura Gelly Roll pens in ‘Moonlight’ and these are quite possibly among my favourite pens in the world. I own two complete sets of these pens and I’ve found that the ink flows much quicker in the second set of pens I ordered – I don’t know if this is a discrepancy, but because of this, if I alternate between my two different sets, I can achieve thick bold lines along with really fine, intricate details, without having to adjust how I use the pens.

I finished this drawing on Instagram Live with some of my amazing followers who gave me some advice as to what colour to use next…etc. During that live session, which was actually my first ever InstaLive (I absolutely loved it as it took me right back to my live radio days, which I miss so, SO much), I was also asked over and over again about the pens I was using, soooo hence this blogpost.

This is the finished result of my first Moonlight Gelly Roll pen drawing of 2018 and I love how it turned out, although little miss Penny the peacock (as I’ve just named her) does look like she has a bit of an evil eye – but hey, you can’t be alllll beautiful right? You can order your Moonlight Gelly Roll pens here and if you do, I’ll get a few pennies in my pocket too which would be amazing.

If you have any questions as usual, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d also love to see any drawings you create using your Gelly Roll pens so don’t forget to tag me!

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