The Cyclone is Coming.

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I can hear the raindrops – sometimes calm, sometimes quiet, and then suddenly loud and strong as if to remind you to not forget that she’s on her way. The candles are ready, lined up on the sideboard as if they know an important job is awaiting them – just like the water bottles, lined up near the kitchen sink like soldiers stranding strong. I watch the news, I hear the words. “Berguitta is coming”, they say. Berguitta is coming. And it’s a weird feeling. Not fear, not excitement – but a kind of strange in-between. I think of myself, my family here around me and my family across seas, who I haven’t seen in 17 months and counting. I think of the house I am blessed to be in, and then I think of those poor Mauritian souls who all of a sudden have a newfound refugee status. I think of the disparity across the island; the rich, the poor and those neither here nor there. I think of the 5* luxury hotels with holiday goers commiserating their perfect holiday that could have been, and then I think of the Mauritians who may wake up in the morning – if they even manage to get some sleep in their shelters – no longer having a physical place to call home. I think of the dogs – the hundreds, the thousands, the ones unwanted by society – and I think of where they will go when she strikes. How they will be whimpering and clawing for the chance at another day. How they will have no idea of what is going on and what could be about to happen to them. I think of the birds and I pray they have found a safe place to shelter, for the winds coming will take no prisoners. I can hear her getting stronger. The lights are cutting out. I can hear a howl beginning to pierce through the winds. And then I think of how something like this just puts everything into perspective. How Mother Nature has her ways of reminding us who is really in control. Reminds us of what we’re doing to her. How we’re destroying her day by day. And I close my eyes and pray. Not just for us all to remain safe and well through her passing and in the aftermath she will leave behind. But for us to remember that as well as each other, we must take care of the Earth that gives us life. The Earth that gives us everything. And of course, the most Powerful behind it all. We may not be able to see Him, but it is in times like these that He reminds us that He is there. In His power, in His strength, in His mercy. He is always there.

Stay safe everyone.

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