‘Winter Sun’ Mandala Stone

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Some of the beaches here in Mauritius are strewn with these gorgeous, smooth, round stones making them ideal to be painted or decorated – although finding the perfect beach and the perfect stone isn’t really the easiest task in the world, I’m not gonna lie.

I created what I have named my ‘Winter Sun’ mandala back in December 2017 for my first Christmas market stall right here in Mauritius. As it’s the peak of summer in tropical Mauritius when it’s the peak of winter back home in England, I decided to go for a wintery theme for this stone as I was missing home pretty badly in December. I’m not really one for the heat and to be honest, Christmas time just isn’t the same in the sun!

I opted for cool colours such as blue, white and purple as I thought they would really work together well, and the white would pop against the slate grey of the stone. The paints I used are as follows (click the links and it will take you straight to the Amazon page where you can purchase them for yourself):

I absolutely loooooove the Pebeo studio acrylics iridescent range. The consistency is just perfect for this type of henna-inspired artwork and the colours are absolutely stunning. I especially love the vibrancy of this blue colour working with the sharpness of the white… just. so. yummy!

Anyway, here’s my YouTube time-lapse video of this mandala stone in the making. I’m pleased to say that this gorgeous stone now sits proudly in the kitchen of one of my expat friends in Mauritius who tells me the energy she gets from it is wonderful – and that makes me really happy.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away and if you would like me to create a mandala stone especially for you, contact me here.

*Please note, the above links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase through those links, then I will get a few pennies in my pocket which would be amazing! 🙂

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